To laid-off teachers: California Teacher Corps needs you

The 2010 Census will ultimately reflect the economic difficulties our society is facing right now, ensuring that the effects of the recession will echo through the decade ahead.

In education, the downturn has translated into budget cuts, which have then led to a number of other things: higher student-teacher ratios, fewer extracurricular activities, and more parent donations to the classroom. And one of the most profound effects of the budget crisis has been the number of teachers who are now out of a job.

While they try to find their way back into schools, one program is retraining teachers to work in an area of teaching that actually is hiring.

California has a critical shortage of special education teachers. There are nearly 680,000 special-ed students in the state. California Teacher Corps is an organization that started last year. They're calling out to laid-off teachers to come, train, and be special-ed instructors.

KALW's Hana Baba spoke with Kafi Payne. She's a board member of the California Teacher Corps, and she's been a teacher in the Oakland Unified School District for nearly ten years.

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