We're all Giants: Chris Daly

Flickr photo by SFBC Operations. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfbike/4613471544/

It's been over a month, but at KALW News, we're still celebrating the San Francisco Giants' World Series victory. We're not kidding, either – next Thursday's Crosscurrents will be all about the team, the torture of being a Giants fan and, of course, the indescribable sweetness of a World Series win. To prepare for the show, we spoke with fans all around the Bay Area to get their best Giants fan stories. Here's one from San Francisco's District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly.

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CHRIS DALY: Well, like most San Franciscans I’m a Giants fan. Unlike most San Franciscans, I like to qualify that by saying I’m a huge fan of the team, and I’ve had some issues with the corporation that is the San Francisco Giants, especially back nine, 10 years ago when they sued the city over our business tax and were a part of extracting tens of millions of dollars from San Francisco services. So, I do like to differentiate there.

But I’m a fan of the team. This year was interesting because my son now has gotten into the Little League stuff. He just turned six. But earlier in the season I got to take him to a Giants game with the Little League day. And he’s been to a few Giants games before, but I think in terms of him being five at the time, it was the first time that he kind of got what was going on, and who the Giants were, and who some of the players were. So we got to go out to that game.

Unfortunately, the Giants played absolutely terrible, and it’s ironic that the first game my son probably will remember is this game where the Giants had three errors, Sanchez was knocked out in the third inning ... it was pretty miserable game to go and watch! But I think that’s part of the pain, you know, that is the Giants. It was really cool to just watch on TV the playoff games with my kids. My son now asks to see the Giants game just this week, and he was asking if there was going to be a Giants game on, and I had to explain to him that we had just won the World Series, which he knew, but the season wouldn’t start for many more months. So we’ve got another generation of Giants fans coming along.

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