We're all Giants: Joe Burke

It's been over a month, but at KALW News, we're still celebrating the San Francisco Giants' World Series victory. We're not kidding, either – next Thursday's Crosscurrents will be all about the team, the torture of being a Giants fan and, of course, the indescribable sweetness of a World Series win. To prepare for the show, we spoke with fans all around the Bay Area to get their best Giants fan stories. Here's one from KALW's own morning announcer Joe Burke.

*     *     *

JOE BURKE: This will go back to ... how long ago, how far it went back … my very first Giants game experience I remember.

Did you have doors in classrooms where you went to grade school with this little window in the door? I'm sitting in the third grade class, Mrs. Freedman's class and there's that door with the window in it. And you can look out into the hallway, and I see the principal coming down the hallway, and when you saw the principal coming towards that window of the classroom door when you were a kid, you knew somebody in that room was in trouble because the principal never left her office unless it was serious.

So here comes the principal. In that window. I'm going, "Oh God. Somebody's in trouble." And behind the principal, I see my father. I'm going, "Oh no it's me." You know, “They're gonna kick me out of school! It's going to be some horrible … oh no!”

The principal: "Mr. Burke. Please come with me."

And I had to go out into the hallway and I got out in the hallway, and my dad got me to the principal's office and then we got outside school and he said, "We're going to the Giants game."

And we went to the . … it was the St. Louis Cardinals, I'll remember this all my life – St. Louis Cardinals' Bob Gibson against Juan Marichal for the Giants at Candlestick Park. And I don't know how he swung it but he had like mezzanine seats, which are like those box seats and this is 1968, ’69, something like that. So that was my very first Giants game experience and that's what I actually thought about when it was all happening that Game 5.

And what I wish more than anything was that my folks were here to see it or that my grandmother, who taught me how to listen to baseball games on a Saturday afternoon when there was all kinds of other stuff to do … yeah, I wish all the people who aren’t around anymore – you know, friends from school who aren't around anymore, my parents, my grandparents … I wish they were here to see this because they would've … It would've been fun.

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