We're all Giants: DaVinci

Photo courtesy of DaVinci

It's been over a month, but at KALW News, we're still celebrating the San Francisco Giants' World Series victory. We're not kidding, either – this Thursday's Crosscurrents will be all about the team, the torture of being a Giants fan and, of course, the indescribable sweetness of a World Series win. To prepare for the show, we spoke with fans all around the Bay Area to get their best Giants fan stories – like SF Weekly’s Joe Eskenazi, San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly, KALW’s morning announcer Joe Burke, Hall of Fame broadcaster Jon Miller and singer/songwriter Ashkon – to get their best Giants fan stories.

Here’s one from San Francisco rapper DaVinci who was one of many artists to create the Giants-themed song “Black & Orange.”

*     *     *

DAVINCI: Man, I been a Giants fan ever since maybe the early ‘90s, maybe like ‘92, when I was a kid, like nine or 10 years old, going to the baseball games when they played at Candlestick, you know what I mean? The tickets used to be like a dollar, and they used to take us all at the Park and Rec across the street from my house, right on Fell Street, and in the summer time we’d go on field trips to the Giants game and we’d only have to pay one dollar. So ever since then I’ve been sportin’ the black and orange, the SF hat, you know what I’m sayin?

A shout-out to DJ Amen and Prince Aries, they put it together. It was like, yo, this cat, Wiz Khalifa, a shout-out to him too, he did the original “Black and Yellow” for Pittsburg, and they said, “Yo, we got the beat for this song, so let’s do a black and orange cause the Giants – we about to win the World Series!” And I was like, “I can’t not be on the Black and Orange song,” ya know what I’m sayin? So that’s how it came together, just by mutual friends puttin’ it together, and DJs and sayin’ we wanna put a lot of rappers from San Francisco on this song, so a shout-out to them for doing that. They made us a staple in history just by doing that.

A lot of my peoples came down to the video shoot when they won, so we was all right there watching the game in the bar. And in San Francisco, I consider anybody and everybody who was there, damn near like my family. If you was rooting for the Giants at that time, we all kinda felt like family. Everybody was out wearing black and orange – didn’t matter what race or where you’re from, or if you’re originally from San Francisco, it don’t matter. You rootin' for the Giants, then we all felt like family.

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