Gearing up for Love on Wheels

Photo courtesy of the SF Bike Coalition

Maybe you’re gearing up for a big date, or planning for a night at home – regardless, your evening probably doesn’t include competing for a date on stage in front of a live audience.

That was the fate of a few San Franciscans last week at “Love on Wheels” – a bike-themed dating game hosted by the San Francisco Bike Coalition. Here’s a little taste of what that was like, brought to you by KALW’s Audrey Dilling.

 *     *     *

LOVE ON WHEELS HOST: Okay, beautiful bike bachelorettes: how many gears do you have on your bike and what do you think of people with a substantially different number of gears?

BACHELORETTE NUMBER ONE: I really appreciate someone who has a lot of gears and takes their time and slowly moves into one gear into the other. ‘Cause I don’t want someone who goes from gear one to five.

LOVE ON WHEELS HOST: Alright, excellent, excellent.

BACHELORETTE NUMBER TWO: I have so many gears, I can’t even count them.

BACHELORETTE NUMBER THREE: I have seven gears on my bike, but I don’t date fixies.

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