Web Exclusive: SF mayoral candidate Paul Currier

Photo courtesy of Paul Currier

There aren’t a lot of mayoral candidates, here or elsewhere, who would openly discuss their time in federal prison. But Paul Currier isn’t an ordinary candidate. The Bay Area native’s story has some of the more conventional aspects – studying politics at Cal and working with Ron Dellums – but it’s also got some twists and turns, as KALW’s Ben Trefny found out in this on-air interview.

In this web exclusive, however, Currier goes into greater detail about his political platform, particularly how he would create a bank of San Francisco. Currier also shares his thoughts on Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and Libertarians, immigration, and legalization of all controlled substances.

This is the fifth of KALW News’ San Francisco mayoral candidate interviews. Find all of the candidate Q&As here.