The Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in San Mateo

Demonstrations on Bay Area streets have not been limited to the shooting death of an unarmed man at a BART station. People have also been protesting the current, and ongoing, turmoil in Gaza. After Palestinian rocket attacks killed Israeli civilians, the Israeli response has resulted in the deaths of more than a thousand Palestinians. As devastating as the violence is, it's nothing new. Many Jews and Arabs feel like they are mortal enemies, with no hope of understanding one another and finding peace. But a growing number of Jews and Palestinians here in the U.S. are actually having a dialogue. And a model for breaking through the belligerence is taking place in a sleepy neighborhood in San Mateo. Sixteen years ago, Len Traubman started the Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue right in his living room. Every month, Bay Area Jews and Palestinians come to meet, have coffee, and listen to one another. Palestinian Elias Botto started coming ten years ago, and he's been friends with Traubman ever since. KALW's Hana Baba visited with the two men in the Traubman living room to see how their dialogue works.