Roasting marshmallows on Muni

Flickr photo by jenny.nash712.

There are a million stories in San Francisco, and many of them take place on the way to and from work. This is one of them.

*     *     *

JEFF CUSTER: Hi, I'm Jeff Custer. A month ago, I got on the back of a 71 Haight. It was going to the center of town, and I ended up sitting in the back next to a 20-something wannabe goth. And we rode for a bit down the street, and then at one point, he pulled a marshmallow out of a bag. And then he attached that marshmallow to a safety pin that he had, and then proceeded to take out a Bic lighter and then proceede to roast the marshmallow until it was blackened, and then proceeded to pop that tasty treat into his mouth. This went on for two more marshmallow-roasting sessions, then he promptly got off at 7th and Market and headed off into the early evening.

And I just thought, what a beautiful bit of San Francisco summertime fun. Roasting marshmallows on the back of the Muni.