SF Panorama offers a 21st century model for newspapers

The news media is in transition these days, which means fewer journalists are covering important issues. But if you were out on the streets of San Francisco last Tuesday, you may have seen a different picture – newsies standing on street corners hawking a certain newspaper with gusto. But not just any newspaper – a 320-page broadsheet, weighing more than three pounds, containing material from Stephen King, Junot Díaz, and Art Spiegelman, among others. It’s called the San Francisco Panorama, a one-time-only “21st-century newspaper prototype” published by McSweeney’s, the San Francisco-based independent publishing house founded by award-winning novelist Dave Eggers. Going against pretty much all the trends in the news business, the paper is meant to be a celebration of what paper has to offer. The reporting was financed in part through the "community-funded reporting" project Spot.Us. KALW’s Zoe Corneli sat down with McSweeney’s Publisher Oscar Villalon and Michael Stoll of the nonprofit Bay Area news service the Public Press, which partnered on the project.

Note: You can read the 15,000 word cover story on the Bay Bridge here.