Bay Area Eats: January 26, 2011

Dishwasher lasagna. Photo courtesy of


Perhaps the saddest headline I read this week was: “bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors lose customers when they go legit.” No further comment seems necessary, only tears for the unconsumed bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

But those who do go legit, take heart! The new hip family-owned Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood is already open for business, but is planning a formal grand opening on February 13. In addition to the free beer and heart-shaped pizzas you can look forward to at the event, you should know that nearly all of the cheese they serve is made right here in the States.

Here in our state, a decades-old program that has protected open spaces and farmland may soon come to an end. Governor Jerry Brown has recommended cutting funding for the Williamson Act, which provides money to counties that offered tax incentives for farmers and landowners to preserve portions of their land.

Good ol’ American company Walmart is not giving away free beer next month, but they are implementing a five year plan to make their food healthier and their produce more affordable. First Lady Michelle Obama, who is spearheading efforts to combat childhood obesity, will be collaborating with the company as they implement their new nutrition policies.

It’s kind of surprising that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hasn’t already mandated a healthy food plan for Walmart, when you consider that they recently banned toys in unhealthy fast food meals. Some think the Board went too far, while others think that the McDonald’s Happy Meal itself should be illegal.

In New York, two friends from college have avoided the Happy Meal debate altogether by getting together every Sunday (for the last five years!) to cook their lunches for the week. While this sounds delicious and healthy, it also sounds hard.

Those of us who are lazy – but still enjoy a home-cooked meal – are in luck! There’s a new recipe out for lasagna…that you cook in the dishwasher.