Bay Area Eats for February 12

T-shirt from Nooworks at 395 Valencia in San Francisco. Photo by Max Jacobs.

A vegetarian friend of mine eats beef from Taco Bell because she doesn’t believe it contains much actual meat. While I think she’s just kidding herself in order to just taste meat again, a class action lawsuit was actually filed at the end of January against the mega taco chain questioning just how “beefy” their beef really is.

A week before eating at Taco Bell, this friend of mine ate bacon for the first time in ten years. It’s really not her fault though, since bacon is the “gateway meat.”

A new study from the University of Michigan suggests that lifestyle plays a bigger role in childhood obesity than genetics. One of the interesting (though disheartening) observations from the study was that unhealthier children tend to eat school lunches rather than home-made ones.

Following in San Francisco’s controversial footsteps, Nebraska is debating tackling the childhood obesity issue by banning kids toys in high calorie meals.

In fact, California is now requiring that chain restaurants (20 locations or more in the state) provide calorie information to customers (on the menu), but studies suggest that eating habits may not actually change at all.

Health education will be a key component to creating a healthier nation, and that’s exactly what FoodCorps aims to do. The new national organization is now accepting applications for service members who will spend a year at various public schools across the country doing everything from food education to school gardening, and will even help schools plan their cafeteria menus.